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Pierson's Creek (Globe Metals Property)

Site Contact:
David Rosoff


Site Location:
366-394 Wilson Avenue
Newark, NJ 07105

The Pierson’s Creek Superfund Site includes Pierson’s Creek, which begins in the vicinity of Avenue L in Newark, New Jersey and travels through above-ground channels and below-ground culverts through various properties in a general south, south-westerly direction until discharging into the Port Newark channel of Newark Bay. The Site also includes various unnamed tributaries that discharge into Pierson’s Creek including an unnamed tributary located on the western border of 366-394 Wilson Avenue, Newark, New Jersey, and includes any location from where contamination from the creek or tributaries has come to be located.  366-394 Wilson Avenue (known as the Former Globe Metals property) is the subject of this removal action on the Pierson’s Creek Superfund Site. 

Beginning in October 2012, EPA conducted several investigations of Pierson’s Creek that confirmed the presence of mercury in the creek sediments throughout the accessible portions of the creek, including the unnamed tributary that is partially located on the 366-394 Wilson Avenue property.

Oberwil Corporation, previously owned the 366-394 Wilson Avenue (Block 5038, Lot 97).  During the time of Oberwil Corporation’s ownership of its property, Salomone Brothers, Inc. excavated soils and sediment that contained hazardous substances including mercury from the unnamed tributary of Pierson’s Creek that borders the western property line of the affected property. The excavated soils and sediment were placed in three piles on the property. Recently 366-394 Wilson Avenue, LLC purchased the property from Oberwil.

The presence of mercury and other contaminants including lead and PCBs in the soil/sediment piles on the property, constitutes a release or threat of release of a hazardous substance.

EPA notified Salomone Brothers, Inc. and Oberwil Corporation that they are PRPs for the Site by general notice letters dated April 20, 2020. 

On July 7, 2021,  Salomone Brothers, Inc. re-covered the three piles of excavated soils and sediment on the property (considered a PJ1 activity) and continues to monitor the piles to ensure the coverings remain in place. The recovering was overseen by EPA and was necessary to help prevent the release of hazardous substances from the piles because previously-placed covers had deteriorated. 

EPA signed an Administrative Order with Salomone Brothers, Inc. and 366-394 Wilson Avenue, LLC   on August 4, 2022 requiring the contaminated soil piles be removed and the materials properly disposed of off-site.