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Compounders Inc Site

Site Contact:
Michael Mannino


Site Location:
15 Marl Road
Howell Twp, NJ 07727
NRC#: 1360151

Updated Activities, as of February 2024

EPA has secured the site and the original threat of leaking hazardous material has been resolved. EPA has successfully re-containerized or overpacked the leaking or damaged drums and categorized the contents of the drums. The agency is finalizing the best routes for disposal and is continuing its administrative efforts to secure the necessary approvals and contracts for the disposal of the material. While this takes time, EPA expects to complete the disposal process as soon as possible, pending the availability of suitable facilities and transportation. Once EPA secures all the necessary approvals and contracts, the agency will update the community of the next steps. 

Updated Activities, as of 6/19/23

EPA has been on-site since early April and is currently assessing and addressing the drums and containers of potentially hazardous materials found at the site. Howell Township, in an effort to be proactive, developed an evacuation plan as a precaution, but there has not been, nor is there currently a need for evacuations. You can sign up for the Howell Township emergency notification system on their website


EPA is working closely with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Monmouth County Health Department, Howell Township, and other stakeholders to ensure a coordinated and effective response. Shortly after being asked to address the site, EPA fenced it and provided 24-hour security. EPA began cleanup actions at the site right after it obtained access from the site owner in early April. Since then, EPA has made significant progress in securing containers at the site and making the property safe to continue the assessment and removal activities. 


EPA and its contractors are identifying and characterizing the contents of containers and drums at the site to ensure that they are properly handled and disposed. EPA is labeling and staging the drums of chemicals for testing and disposal. If a drum or container does not meet EPA's standards to allow for shipping off-site, we will move its contents to a new, suitable container. This work is performed in a plastic-lined containment area to prevent spills or leaks. EPA will continue its work until all the materials at the site have been assessed and secured to be taken away.


EPA has been keeping the town officials apprised of progress and regularly issuing Community Updates to keep nearby residents informed.


A public-facing web viewer depicting the EPA's air monitoring efforts and current monitoring status can be found here


Background and Past Activities

Howell Township Fire Departments were dispatched to 15 Marl Road to perform an investigation after calls reporting smoke in the area on February 9, 2023. Upon arriving, the Fire Departments discovered ongoing burning of materials inside of an old still in which a door had been cut. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire.   

Upon seeing the condition of the site, firefighters called for Howell Township Office of Emergency Response (HTOER). After seeing the numerous drums and smelling a chemical odor, HTOER requested Monmouth County Department of Health (MCDOH) for a potential hazardous materials response. Upon arrival, MCDOH began an investigation of the area. MCDOH and HTOER discovered large quantities of 55-gallon drums, along with smaller quantities of various other containers around the site. MCDOH and HTOER noted many spills along the ground, open drums, and drums present in the old still on site. In addition to the drums inside the still, there appeared to be evidence of solid waste and wooden pallets, showing evidence of burning. MCDOH then requested the presence of NJDEP Bureau of Emergency Response (DEPBER) who responded to the site.

The site appears to be the former location of Compounders Inc. It is estimated from reports from HTOER that the facility at one point manufactured a number of chemical compounds, most likely for use in glues and adhesives. It appears at some point, the company moved on to manufacturing asphalts that were loaded into trucks for use.